Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Everyone mistakes the Death Tarot card. It doesn't mean a physical death. It means the closing of old doors and the opening of new.

Also known as change, which, consequently, is just as fearsome as death for some.

It seems this city is a catalyst for it. Just when you think you have things figured out, BAM, the puzzle is once more taken apart. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes for the worse. For me, it has been amazing. I have found someone I love wholeheartedly and who loves me equally as much. I’m moving into a new place this Friday. I am kicking ass at work. I have met some amazing people that have shown me true friendship I have seen the true colors of people that I thought were friends.

But I can honestly say that my life right now is awesome and I do hope that stay in this comfort zone for awhile.

Ze zone:
  • Being mentally healthy.
  • Waking up next to someone I love.
  • Being surrounded by the most amazing friends.
  • Having a job that treats me well and surrounds me with more amazing people
  • Knowing who I am.
  • Knowing that while I may have to rely on a pill to keep my brain healthy, I AM healthy.
  • Knowing how incredibly lucky I am
I’ve been through really, really, really dark times but no matter how bad it was I knew that it could be worse.

So, yay I say to the Death card. And I also tip my hat to it in thanks.

Also... I really shouldn't write this but... to certain someone, if you're reading this, move on.

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